London Gnostic Institute – G.I.A.

Course Programme


Talk No. 1

Introduction to Gnosis

- Meaning and purpose of Gnosis in our present time

Talk No. 2

The Two Lines of Life:

The Horizontal Line and the Vertical Line

- Does human life have a deeper meaning?

Talk No. 3

Psychic Study of the Human Being

- Analysis of the Ego, Essence and Personality and the science of Self-knowledge

Talk No. 4

From Sleep to Awakening

- Practical techniques for the Awakening of Consciousness

Talk No. 5

The Different Dimensions of the Cosmos

- The astral world and its experimentation

Talk No. 6

Dreams and Human Psychology

- The technique of Dream-Yoga and the Awakening of Consciousness

Talk No. 7

The Higher Faculties of Man

- The main psychic centres and their development

Talk No. 8

The Origin of Man in the Light of Gnosis

- The Seven Great Races and the earth’s ancient civilisations

Talk No. 9

The Age of Aquarius and the End Times

- Towards a new planetary setting: the Koradi Race

Talk No.10

The Transcendental Development of the Human Being (the Creation of Man)

- The three esoteric factors for complete Inner Self-realisation


About this Course

The course explores the significance of Gnosis as a timeless esoteric knowledge which throws light on the present situation of the human being, stressing the need for us to go through a genuine process of Awakening and Inner Transformation.

It is recommended to attend all talks as the topics build on each other in a logical sequence.

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